12 American Fairy Tales

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J. M. Gardner
Katie Haigh
Saga Egmont
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12 traditionnal american fairy tales and short stories : The Box of Robbers, The Glass Dog, The Queen of Quok, The Little Girl who owned a Bear, The Enchanted Types, The Laughing Hippopotamus, The Magic Bon Bons, The Capture of Father Time, The Wonderful Pump, The Dummy that Lived, The King of the Polar Bears, The Mandarin and the Butterfly. The imagery in fairy tales (such as personified animals, adults represented as giants and allegorical magic vegetables) allows the child to explore their fears in remote and symbolic terms. Fairy tales allow the reader to explore each virtue and path of action through the different characters' fates. The child decides their own personal stance after deliberating each consequence. Fairy tales provide answers to what the world is really like and the child's place within it.