The Charing Cross Mystery

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J.S. Fletcher
Saga Egmont
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When a retired police inspector suddenly drops dead in a train carriage arriving at Charing Cross station, young London barrister Hetherwick finds himself the key witness to the murder.

Thrust into the centre of this terrifying mystery, Hetherwick must unveil the disturbing truths of the case and locate the nefarious culprit.

Fans of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ will be enthralled by this 20th century crime classic, a gripping tale of mystery and suspense that will have them on the edge of their seats till the very end.

Joseph Smith Fletcher (1863 – 1935), better known as J.S Fletcher, was a prolific English journalist and author of over 230 books. Raised as the son of a clergyman in West Yorkshire, Fletcher would go on to become a creative powerhouse of crime fiction during ‘The Golden Age of Detective Fiction’.

Best remembered for his crime novels featuring Private Investigator Ronald Camberwell, Fletcher was considered a contemporary of Sir Arthur Doyle of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ fame.

Any fans craving classic crime after watching ‘Knives Out’ or Robert Downey Jr’s ‘Sherlock Holmes’ simply must read some of J.S. Fletcher’s fantastic work.

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