To Come Home: My way to healing

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Christina Grossi
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My spiritual journey has been like a roller coaster filled with joy, yet also filled to the brim with pain, and full of insights. In addition, it has been filled with lies and a search for the truth; edged with betrayal but also with love; a desire to be like everyone else but now with an incredible gratitude for being me; and an eternal search within me for the source that I have desperately searched for outside of me, and which was never possible to find there. To live in my truth fully is to stand in the light, always see the good in people and in myself, and never do any harm. Standing in my own truth is knowing who I am, gratefully receiving lessons, and humbly learning from them. To forgive, to be whole, to accept, to love. What a journey! My little angel. Spread your wings. Turn your face toward your inner sun. Let the heart mirror your soul. You are one, one with yourself. Grandmother