Boneyard 1-The escape from Stuttgart

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Artikelnummer 9789198423709-100
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Carol Lilja
Warrior Publishing
  • Epub med vattenmärke
Stuttgart, Gernany, 1933, the prime time for Hitler's terroror regime. This is a story of Gorenwitz family, the holocaust and WW2, the real nazi regime actions, characters may be fictional, but not what happened those days. A honest, not so pleasant story in all parts of it. Those horrifying experiences soldiers made during WW2, what really happened, beyond all hero stories so often told. It's rough, bloody, but it's told as it was. Forget "The clean honorable war".  The story of Jewish families forced to flee from the persecutions by nazis. To not be murdered. 

Also the story of all unsung heroes, never cheered, maybe forgotten, who never gave up their resistance towards the dictatorship. It's their story too. Let never these evil forces get any power, never again.