The Best Bands and Songs of the Popular Music in English

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Matti Ranta
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The popular music in English is introduced in the book in three parts: 1. 50 best American, 50 best British and 50 best bands of other countries and their two top songs. 2. 2. One to ten covers of 80 songs of Bob Dylan by 130 artists. 3. 456 best bands of the popular music and their five or two best songs. 123 bands have five songs and 333 bands have two songs. For the composer and text-writer Bob Dylan was given the Nobel price of literature in October 2016. The poems of his songs can be found in internet. Write to the internet-box for example: Bob Dylan Desolation Row, lyrics. You may listen to and watch at every song mentioned in the book with the help of internet. Just write to the box first the name of the band and then the name of the song.