Divine Position: Discover Your Secret of Being and Occurring

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Helena Kujama
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This is a holistic book in which Helena describes life's complexity using some basic principles of life and uses her imaginery way of writing them out. Body has its origin in its DNA, which defines body's structure when a birth-time defines small self's invisible structure. Body develops in a specific order in an embryo and will be affected by its environment. This book combines different science field's information in a way that no one has ever done before. It has been said that everything cannot be combined because there are contradictions. True! But we have imagination which we can apply and put information together according to certain rules we use. Helena uses here four brain layer's information units which consist of specifically organized tasks that we use to manage organ tissues and which are dealt with mind. She puts together a visible body and invisible mind seeing them as a soulbody, where small self consist of many roles of self when the super self is the master of mind with higher vibrations. Helena is convinced that mind and body are inseparable. She generates her understanding by the basis of embryo's developing process in the very first 21 days. There is a correspondence between brain and organ tissues developing at a same time. Brain and organ tissues develop hand by hand and get specified management areas in life. These four brain layers can be shared to concepts; old and new brain. Mind has its origin in a body as a soulbody, whereas mind can be structured into levels of its awareness's. Please jump into the world of Divine Position and be ready to get insights!