Start Up & Run a Business in Sweden - E-bok

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Start Up & Run a Business in Sweden - E-bok
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Björn Lundén, Ulf Bokelund Svensson
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START UP AND RUN A BUSINESS IN SWEDEN is aimed at people who run their own business, or those considering starting one up in the future – regardless of the type of company.

Practical and accessible, the book is filled with examples, tips, and advice to help you succeed in your chosen venture. Furthermore, it is written in straightforward, easily comprehensible English, aimed at making its content easier to learn and digest.

More than 120 000 copies of the book’s Swedish version have been sold.

Ur innehållet

  • Business idea
  • Business plan
  • Registering
  • Sole trader
  • Trading partnerships and Limited partnerships
  • Limited companies
  • Business administration