5-2 diet

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Ola Norrman
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5-2 Diet by Ola Norrman reveals the secrets behind the 5-2 diet phenomenon. Ola Norrman is known for his hit Swedish diet book “How to lose weight without hunger”.

The 5-2 diet has had an enormous impact on dieting, and has brought a whole new diet method that has changed the lifestyles of thousands and thousands of people. A people’s diet movement has been born.

Did you know the 5-2 diet also affects cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease?

Even the ancient Greeks fasted to purify body and mind. This book brings together this historical fasting tradition with a modern day health approach, and is explained clearly for everyone to understand.

You will find advice, tips and motivation on how the 52 method can change your life, and how you can slim down and lose weight.

Michael Mosley - the same person who launched the 5:2 diet went down 9 kilograms in just 9 weeks.

The recipe section will help you to get started, and is spiced with suggestions and recipes for unique products. There is a rare spice, which not only tastes good, but also helps in weight loss when dieting. This book contains information where to buy this seasoning. Read about the 5:2 diet health effects, and what aids are needed to succeed. This book gives 5-2 tips on how this diet may work better for you.

The 5-2 book talks about how you can still have a sweet tooth, without triggering sugar cravings, and without relapsing into old habits.

Did you know that we eat about 85 kg of meat per person per year? A few years ago it was much smaller. This book explains how the 5-2 diet affects weight and our health.

How can you overcome hunger? Water-soluble fiber gives slower gastric emptying and more consistent blood sugar. Scores of other practical questions are answered in this book.

The 5-2 diet describes how training, and the 5:2 method, can help you to get in shape. For balance, and the best results, with the 52 method, requires a periodic fixed diet based on getting carbohydrates. You can combine other methods, such as LCHF method, with the 5:2 diet. The 5-2 diet book gives advice and tips on the various proposals on carbohydrate menus that can facilitate to create your own personal diet program.

What foods can I eat and how many calories do they contain? With the help of this book’s handy calorie table of common foods, it may help to balance your calorie intake and find the right foods. The book’s “Get Started Guide” takes you step by step through the diet, and you get the answer to what you get to eat on fast days and so-called ordinary days.

Have you tried other methods, such as GI Diet and LCHF method, without really being successful? It might be time to take the next step. 5:2 diet provides an excellent tutorial on how you can get started with weight loss, and improve your health for life.