Hacking your destiny

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Karl Lillrud
Nordic Success Publishing AB
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There`s more to life then you think.

What started as a diary, is now a guide to how to self-evaluate and improve yourself.

This book motivates, prepare and test you that you can gather important lessons for an improved life.

Peek into the mind of an entrepreneur and TED-speaker, and find out what success is for you.


This book covers:

*How to do the impossible

*Empower and improve yourself

*Get more out of life

*Make your dream the reality

*Transforming from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur.


Being dyslexic, Karl had difficulties that he needed to overcome as a child. With a strong will and self-improvement mindset, he now stands as a proud entrepreneur, mentor, husband and father. This book is written in a format that enables everyone to relate to their own experiences.

It is the prefect tool to enable you to get more out of your life, to hack your destiny.