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Phoebe Nestius
  • Epub med vattenmärke

Phoebe Nestius is a Swedish author currently living in Stockholm where she studies different aspects of popular culture, such as literature and film. Pumpkin, a project that has taken four years to complete, is her debut book.

Samson and Deven have many reasons to hate each other. In fact, they have hated each other for ten years. Because Samson is a clumsy and chaotic mess, according to Deven. Whereas Deven is too reserved and unnecessarily mean, if you ask Samson.

One night, Samson gets an idea. An idea concerning a pumpkin, a bright red bike, and his number one enemy. But it does not go as planned and he and Deven both find themselves in a situation they never expected: they have to weather out a storm together while being stuck in a house with no electricity.

During the following weeks, circumstances keep throwing them together and they must ask themselves how well they really know one another. In the end, they might not have that many reasons to hate each other left.