Escaping Olympo

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L Hagensen
Media 24 / Digibook
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Escaping Olympo is the first part of the dynamic dystopia Purebred

Outside the forgotten city of Olympo, the wilderness spreads, and within its vaulted walls bubble dangerous dreams of escape, revenge, and forbidden love. Thorbi dreams of killing the freak Dora, his sister’s murderer. When mysterious men abduct Dora, her friend Laban sets out to rescue her. Thorbi joins the perilous journey; as soon as he has the chance, he will avenge his sister.

The journey takes them through the vast wilderness to Piro Atham, the ruined city where Ticks raid and Seds kill, and where Thorbi meets Whanzi. But their trail leads north, forcing them to continue their journey through a prosperous Europe where all previous wars are forgotten. Soon they will discover that not everything is as safe as it seems.

Far away, an ancient movement has emerged and is preparing for war. Thorbi and his friends find themselves in the midst of a cruel plot to conquer Europe. The army they face has two goals: Slavery and destruction.