Boneyard 2 From Sweden to Hell on earth

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Carol Lilja
Warrior Publishing
  • Epub med vattenmärke
'66, Da Nang, 'Nam. Lucas Wollberger and Craig benson is stationed at the worst possible camp in 'Nam. a camp littered with criminality, atrocities and torture.... Their main enemy Colonel Frank R. Phillips, who's trying every trick in the book to destroy their lives. this is the Lucas Wollberger and Craig Bensión story, and how they solve the way out that hell.
  this is also the story about the ever-present everyday racism, and how it affect those who's not "fit in the pattern". Som this is also Lucas's daughter Cecilia Willberger's story. it's her story about her upraising, and success, due to all her difficulties in her life, first in Sweden, and then to face the even worse everyday racism in New York... It's rough, tough and honest.