Boneyard 3- Call of duty, Boney

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Artikelnummer 9789198641004-100
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Carol Lilja
Warrior Publishing
  • Epub med vattenmärke
The Wollberger family had immigrated back to USA 1983 and to New York. Into the worst ghetto in the whole New York. Cecilia got her living hell, with eternal fighting against street thugs. With wrath and a well-motivated concern to not survive her 17th birthday alive. Countless of murder attempts and else made her more or less to a wild beast, and she applied for enlisting in US Marines. And she was called to talk with a recruiting officer. Cecilia was fetched up by her new CommC, Colonel John McCormack, and was under a transfer to DCTCN (Diversion Combat Training Camp Nova), where she was coming to start her 18 months long Specialist training…. A rough war story about a Young female officer's way during her specilalist's training and her maiden mission... a training for the toughest and most demandning mission within US Marines...