The Curious Mr. Blueberry

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Harriet M. Winter
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She is short for her age. She has a head of hair that resembles a crow's nest. She has no idea what to expect from her first school year. Yet, Hilda (that's her name) places her school bag the size of a small cabinet on her back and heads off to school to meet her new classmates and teachers. It all seems normal, even though almost every teacher is named after a vegetable. Yes, normal indeed, except for Mr. Blueberry. Whenever he is around, bullies who call other kids by nasty names seem to grow teeth of an old nag and a bum the size of a pumpkin. Hilda sets out to get to the bottom of Mr. Blueberry and soon discovers his secret. Unfortunately, so does Mrs. Turnip, a fun-hating school director determined to weed out bad seeds like Mr. Blueberry. But what happens when Mrs Turnip and Mr. Blueberry get into a battle of wits and deeds? Caution: you will be surprised.