I Want To Be The Voice Inside Your Head

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Sallie Lundh
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Confessional poetry. A book with a lot of heart. A reminder to myself that I exist. "Sallie has such an eloquent way of writing - every word is spun from pearls and gold. Even the most painful topics are written in such a uniquely beautiful way, without romanticizing these topics. With descriptive language and powerful emotions, Sallie gives us a vivid glimpse into her life and her mind - each poem is a single moment, and they all come together to form the story of her life. Although the poems are about specific events she has gone through, many of them are things that anyone (especially women) can relate to. Her poems about mental illness, families, love, relationships, and abuse give a proper homage to all the famous women poets of our past. Sylvia Plath would be proud." -- Jamie Wyman; author of "The Hornets in My Stomach" (@efflorescent_ on Instagram)