Wendimension: Dad 1/2

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Artikelnummer 9789528012825-100
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Teemu Haapaniemi, Tero Harsunen, Jonna Urpilainen
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Wendimension is a fantasy adventure where daily reality collides with supernatural phenomena. It addresses the mental health of a child and offers a glimpse of her experiences from an adults perspective. Wendimension is a story of great loss seen through the eyes of little Wendy and her father. Wendy faces evil far closer than we ever realize, darkness has crept into the corners of our homes and our everyday lives. Realitys cloud of fog keeps us from witnessing these monstrosities. It seems that Wendy is the only one capable of seeing through the illusion, and soon finds herself in trouble. For adults, Wendys actions only appear as mental health issues. Can Wendy find her way back to a normal life, or will she be forever trapped in her own dimension? Or does Wendys dimension exist after all?