Westworld Pyrrus and Kerk 2

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Stig Granfors, Marcus Granfors
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Pyrrus and Kerk become involved in a battle between poor farmers and a powerful ranch owner on the planet Westworld. The situation is sensitive as an escalating conflict could lead to war between the two countries North and South. With skill and luck the adventurers save a freedom hero and stop the evil rancher from conquering Westworld and becoming an oppressive dictator. However, a cruel act has catastrophic consequences. This is the second novel about the space adventurers Pyrrus and Kerk, whose motto is 'It will get better'. "The savage looked up at the ceiling and gave up a furious scream. At first it sounded like wolves howling, but the scream turned into something even more frightening. It was an unnatural sound, full of disappointment and repressed dreams. It was not a human cry." "A tale about ordinary people in somewhat familiar surroundings in a galaxy far, far away." "A tribute to Harry Harrison and his Stainless Steel Rat."