The Pavilion on the Links

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Robert Louis Stevenson
Saga Egmont
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If you’re thinking of reconnecting with old friends, this suspenseful tale may make you reconsider.

Frank and Northmour haven’t seen each other in years. Mainly due to Northmour being a bad-tempered recluse. So when Frank turns up unannounced at Northmour’s house, he can’t quite believe his eyes. His old college buddy is entertaining guests! And not only that, he’s due to be married to one of them.

But there are some ugly secrets lurking behind Northmour’s transformation. And as Frank digs into the mystery, he’s pulled into a thriller of Italian crime families, fraudulent bankers and forbidden love.

Hailed by Arthur Conan Doyle as Stevenson’s "high water-mark", 'Pavilion on the Links' recalls the thrillers of Agatha Christie or Wilkie Collins.

Robert Louis Stevenson (1850–1894) was a Scottish novelist, poet and travel writer. Born in Edinburgh, he suffered from severe health issues for most of his life. Despite this, he still managed to produce some of the century’s most famous stories. These include the classic adventure "Treasure Island" and the horror novella "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde".

Stevenson’s last years were spent on the Samoan island of Upolo, where he became an advocate for Samoan rights. He died in his home of a brain haemorrhage and was buried on the island’s Mount Vaea.

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