Prefect - Future Leadership for Research and Development

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Anders Risling, Mats Edenius, Jenny Eriksson Lundström
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Prefect is aimed at leaders and managers of research and development. The focus is on leaders of universities and university colleges. The book covers a broad range of aspects, from various steering models, leadership types and personal development to how you as a leader or manager can achieve excellent results by involving your colleagues and delegating tasks, holding employee dialogues and solving conflicts. It also provides tips on how to optimise collaboration in management teams and department boards or department advisory teams. Prefect is an excellent handbook for both the individual gearing up to take on leadership tasks and the more experienced leader.

Prefect is written by licensed psychologist Anders Risling, organisational psychologist at, professor Mats Edenius, former prefect and dean at Uppsala University, and senior lecturer Jenny Eriksson Lundström, prefect at Uppsala University. Their backgrounds in leadership and psychology provide a unique, insightful and hands-on starting point for the book. Also well anchored in the leadership literature, the authors use their own experiences and personal interpretations as consultants, researchers, managers and leaders in the academy, authorities, and various sectors such as Swedish authorities, health care organisations, private organisations.