Kings Dethroned

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Gerrard Hickson
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A history of the evolution of astronomy from the time of the roman empire up to the present day; showing it to be an amazing series of blunders founded upon an error made in the second century B.C.

”Gerrard Hickson in his 1922 book, “Kings Dethroned”, lays clearly, concisely and irrefutably how astronomer by astronomer in the 16th and 17th centuries began in error by the way they measured distance from Earth to Sun, Moon and planets. Subsequently they came up with preposterous theory after theory, over decades, to cover up the errors that continues to this very day.
From Copernicus, Galileo, Kepler, Halley, and Newton in Europe across the pond in the 1900’s to Einstein and NASA, astronomy has used the same errors in calculating distance of stars and planets in what is called Astrometry.
In the 1920’s Gerrard Hickson proves conclusively, using their own geometry, math and theories of heliocentrism, gravity, relativity, etc., are gravely in gross error.
In no uncertain terms this work blows apart the Sun centered, Earth a sphere rotating, gravity based heliocentric theory that has been taught in every classroom on our flat plane Earth for the past century or more.”