Pike Fishing

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Kjell Johansson
Fiskeguiden Förlag
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This book is part 6 (of 15) in the natur-fiske series. A complete guide to fishing and spending a nature holiday in Sweden. 

This book is about the biting times of pike and how you can adapt your fishing to when pike are hungry and on the look-out for food. At these times it is easier to make pike bite. The book also addresses the question of how often pike eat and if it is possible to calculate which days they will be feeding.

How weather, wind and temperature in air and water affect catches is also examined. The book offers useful knowledge for anyone interested in pike fishing.

 Study the book and then go out and test our advice in your own water wherever you live. Pike most likely eat at "our" times there as well., We also share how you can test the more exact times specific to your bodies of water.