Zander Fishing

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Kjell Johansson
Fiskeguiden Förlag
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This book is part 8 (of 15) in the natur-fiske series. A complete guide to fishing and spending a nature holiday in Sweden. 

Basic facts related to zander's eating habits and growth are described. I explore questions like: How long does it take between two meals for the zander? Is it the same all year round? What do zander eat in Sweden and in other countries? If you know the answer to these question, it is easier to look for baits that are similar to the behavior of the prey. There are irresistible zander wobblers, but there are also those that are useless. This book can help you decide which wobblers fall into which category and will help you catch fish.

The hunting methods for walleye and zander are described. Zander feeding methods can be studied more in detail on our YouTube channel. There you can also see videos showing how different baits move in the water.

Zander often change their preferences so one section deals with the changing of wobblers, something that is needed more often than when you fish for pike.

Float fishing for zander has its own chapter as it is a thrilling method. Seeing a float disappear is both exciting and nerve-wracking. What's on the hook?