Spin Fishing

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Kjell Johansson
Fiskeguiden Förlag
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This book is part 14 (of 15) in the natur-fiske series. A complete guide to fishing and spending a nature holiday in Sweden. 

Spin fishing became less popular when trolling made its entrance in Sweden around the turn of the century. The anglers noticed that trolling rendered more fish and the method developed quickly. I was one of those who hung up the spinning rod in favor of the trolling equipment.

In recent years, spin fishing has gained many new followers and is really popular. In recent years I have been spinning more than ever and it is still the same wonderful feeling when a bite comes. The direct contact that occurs between fisherman and fish is wonderful.

This is an instruction book in spin fishing, and I dare say that I have not forgotten anything important.

The bait tips are given a lot of space, and I discuss advice for fishing in both shallow and deep water. "The lazyman’s method", a popular German method, which I introduced in "Exciting methods…" is described in a chapter. Technique and tactics are also discussed. How to spin fish at a depth of eight meters with the bait at a depth of four meters, where the fish for the day are, is revealed.

The beginner is offered ten basic tips on how not to put the lure in anyone’s ear and how to become successful and catch fish.