THE SCYTHE : -a modern tool for modern man

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Johan Falk
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- a modern tool for modern man

By exposing the tool to very thorough investigations, tests and research the Author has discovered unknown and undocumented physics of the Scythe. Also he has made new solutions accordingly. A new better scythe blade, a new better snath, a new and better sharping method and a tool for it. This book is revealing all these facts and much more.
  With a thorough review of the theory behind the scythe and a practical examination of each detail The Scythe is a complete Handbook.

The Scythe is aimed to dispel the clouds of obscure rituals and myths that has blurred the vision and practice of the Scythe and instead reveal the facts and the casuality that makes up the physical reality of the tool and its use.

The Scythe is also an anthropological study in culture, and as such it should be of interest to everyone that is concerned with the present and the future existence of Homo Sapiens.

The Scythe is a turning point in the history of the Scythe and this book is setting a new paradigm for the understanding of this very old hand tool.
A new modern use of the Scythe as a tool to use it for maintaining common grounds as well as  private gardens also takes the scythe up to a higher level of low impact life style.  The scythe is a tool that can be used to maintain and develop ecological sustainability.
The scythe is a modern tool, for modern man.

The Scythe is published as an ebook due to environmental concern. The book can be bought directly from the publisher Station Lunda. If you are interested in reselling, please contact the publisher at